Learning to feel

on Herman

Experiencing, feeling, and also sharing

For a long time I've been thinking that I have some issues, or that I somehow am malfunctioned, as I haven't had feelings. I've always seen myself as very stable, and as a person that could not be budged with happiness nor sadness. I don't know where all this has it's roots in, and I don't think that this is the right moment to start to ponder on that. Instead I want to focus on the transformation of this that I've seen in myself lately. Previously I have been the friend/boyfriend/family member who has listened to the people opening up and explaning their feelings to me. However, lately I have seen a shift in this, and now suddenly I find myself being that person. I have noticed that I have started talking openly about the stuff that goes through my mind and what I am feeling.

I have started to have this urge to tell people this. Before I've had trouble understanding these bubbly people who experience things so vividly, feel them, and then after all that also share them to other people.

I think that I am slowly learning the beauty in all of this. It is making me happy also to share more about myself, whatever it is.