Scents and memories

on Herman

Bring back memories with our nose

I've noticed that I have a strong association with scents and memories. In a situation where I get a sudden scent I can be flushed over with strong and vivid memories. With these memories there is also a strong correlation of feelings. These memories and feelings are often positive, but there are also some negative and sad memories.

Most recent case of this was when I arrived at the cottage that I've been visiting since a child. Stepping inside the cottage is an experience. Being rushed by the scent of the place brings back so many vivid memories. It brings me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

It's a whole day trip to get to that cottage so the trip there doesn't happen that often. Because of the rarity of being there I have built a strong relation with the cottage. It's definitely my happy place. As a kid it was the highlight of the year almost. Going there and being there was magical for me. An escape from reality.

I think that the "warmth" of the scent of the cottage comes from the fact that I've always been here during the winter. And while we've been here we've always been very active doing winter sports. Being outside the whole day is exhausting and draining, so stepping inside the warm cottage has been such a wonderful feeling. A feeling of welcoming and safety.

Since being a child I have brought a lot of friends over there to hang out. Some friends that are still very close to me and some that aren't. However, all the memories that I have from here are good.

I've noticed that this place slowly has turned to into something mundane for me. And probably for a reason. I have other things on my mind now while being here.

I hope that I'll have the opportunity to come here as long in the future as possible. And if I can't come here anymore, I want to have the opportunity to experience this feeling in some other way. I also want that people close to me will experience this same feeling.